SANTAFE DRUMS. Custom drums manufacture.  

Santafe Drums was born in 2000 within a Valencian company dedicated to the manufacture of traditional percussion instruments under the Gonalca brand. With the machinery, the raw material and the experience at your disposal, we decided to create a brand of Custom drums  according to the needs of the market. New for the European market, but traditional in the American market. For that reason we looked for a name that could be understood in all parts of the world, a very American name, but for a completely Spanish product.

In 2010 Santafe Drums was incorporated into the company Ortolá S.A, dedicated to the manufacture of bags, cases and musical accessories as a main activity since 1955. This is located in the Valencian municipality of La Pobla del Duc.

At Santafe Drums we have a team of professionals that guarantee the best quality and manufacturing guarantee. At the same time we are in continuous search of materials and improvement of productive processes in order to achieve innovative products that meet the demands of the sector.
We are characterized by the manufacture of totally custom models with surprising finishes to the client want, but we also have a large catalog of drums composed of series of drums that depend on the type of wood and measurements. In addition, we have more economical series, which maintain the quality of the product.

Over the years we have been expanding our product catalog, but always listening to the needs of professional and amateur musicians, to include an improvement and quality in the final product.
All our products can be buy at music stores.