• Increase Snare Drum

    Increase the depth of your snare drum easily. 

    Two models available: Ref.SI0010 to increase the depth of your snare drum from 14x5.5 "to 14x6.5" and ref. SI0015 to increase from 14x5.5 "to 14x8". Select finish in colour chart.

  • Hoops

    The hoops that are part of our catalog are metallic, Super Cast, Super Maple Custom and Maple.

    See products. 

  • Drumsticks and Drum Beaters

    Drumsticks and drum beaters. See all available products.

  • Lugs

    Santafedrums lugs. See all lugs available. 

  • Cajones

    Cajones Maestro and Le Club. See all produits. 

  • Hardware

    Hi hat stands, Straight cymbal stands, boom cymbal stands, snare stands, tom holders, boom cymbal holders, drum throne and drum pedals

  • Rims


  • Other accessories

    Damper pad, drum clip, covers, Hi Hat tambourines, screws, clocks, brackets, ....

  • Anatolian Cymbals

    Anatolian Cymbals. 

    See all cymbals of catalog.