Shell: Birch. Maple, Aluminium or methacrylate. Depending on model. 

    Hoops: Metal. 10 tension lugs (except ref. Stf0806. 

    Drumheads: Remo Ämbassador coated and Ambassador snare. Except ref. stf0806 that are mounted with Remo UT. 

    Finishes: Select in the Quadura colour chart. Sparkle additional cost. Except ref. stf0806 select in the Standard colour chart. Ref. stf0825 available in red, yellow, green, blue and black. 



    REF. STF0800 - 14X5,6" - ABEDUL

    REF. STF0810 - 14X5,6" - MAPLE

    REF. STF0820 - 14X5,6" - NATURE

    REF. STF0806 - 14X5,6" - ABEDUL COVER

    REF. STF0825 - 14X5,6" - ACRÍLICA

    REF. STF0805 - 14X6"    - ALUMÍNIO

    REF. STF0850 - 14X4"    - PICCOLO ABEDUL

    REF. STF0860 - 14X4"    - PICCOLO MAPLE

    REF. STF0870 - 14X4"    - PICCOLO NATURE

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